Hari Om

Time Table – October

Dance Class


Music Class
1)08.10.2011(Saturday)-04.30 p.m. 1)13.10.2011(Thursday)-05.00 p.m.
2)11.10.2011(Tuesday)-05.00 p.m. 2)14.10.2011(Friday)-05.00 p.m.
3)18.10.2011(Tuesday)-05.00 p.m. 3)20.10.2011(Thursday)-05.00 p.m.
4)22.10.2011(Saturday)-04.30 p.m. 4)21.10.2011(Friday)-05.00 p.m.
5)23.10.2011(Sunday)-10.00 a.m. 5)23.10.2011(Sunday)-10.00 a.m.
6)25.10.2011(Tuesday)-05.00 p.m. 6)27.10.2011(Thursday)-05.00 p.m.
7)29.10.2011(Saturday)-04.30 p.m.

On the good day of Vijayadasami, which falls on 06.10.2011, all the students must come. Students can contribute betel leaves, coconut, banana, and flowers. Students are requested to contribute Guru dakshina and get the blessings of Jaganmatha.

7)28.10.2011(Friday)-05.00 p.m.


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