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“ART IS A BOON , GET IT”  is the motto of kanchi kamakodi thirupugazh bajan mandali and kanchi kamakodi natyalaya.Our natyalaya inculcates the seeds of art in the minds of young children with the feeling of bhakthi. Art without bhakthi is a bird without feathers,a sea without water, a flower without fragrance.Art gives self-realisation which would lead to eternal satisfaction,infinte bliss,supreme joy and immortality.

In this fast running world our natyalaya has tuned a bit of people to its side by performing in marriage receptions. People are now so much inspired by the orchestration of film songs and our natyalaya has captured so many stages of these cine-music troupes.It had been capturing the hearts of people by its crisping attractive performance.It had creating rapt attention of the people towards it and almost more than 500 marriage reception programmes are done and still the audience are eager to view our programmes.

Our Principal Smt.Ramani sundarrajan had written so many varnams each of which is unique. Ramayana varnam in mohanam depicts the whole story of Rama while madurapuri varnam tells about the dasavatharam of lord vishnu. Maayanae varnam tell the story of Lord krishna While periyapirana varnam focuses on the 63 nayanmaars in the same order in which we see in temples.Divyaprabhantha varnam picturises the 12 alwars and the followers of vaishnavas.Silambu varnam deals with the story of silapathikaram and ayyappa varnam speaks the Lord Ayappa’s story. Story of Vinayaka in Shankari maindha and story of muruga in Karthikeya varnam are also her master pieces – malolane varnam highlights the prahalaadha charitham in a emotional way.

Apart from this various padams on Devi has also been written which speaks about the leelas of shakthi at various places like Moogambikai,Sotranikarai,Chidhambaram etc.

The above said varnams and padams are done by her ardent disciples opn the occassion of their arangetrams as master pieces of them in front of so many VIPs like Smt.Venniraadai Nirmala, Thilakavathi I.P.S,Kalaimamani Smt.Indra Rajan,Kalaimamani Sri.Kalaimamani Kutthalam Thiru M.Selvam,Smt.S.Rama maheshwari B.A (music) ,B.Ed,smt . Sheela Unnikrishnan , Thiru  SivaSree Kanchi rajan,sree maandhai S. lakshmi narayanan, sree Rama Rama k.Mohan, Thiru P.Prakash  R.S.S , Thiru V.Kalaichelvan, sidhantha pulavar Thiru Subbupermal M.A,B.Ed,Thiru J.C.D.Prabhakaran BABL.,MLA,Thirupugazh semmani.Thiru. Sethu Muruga Boobhathi BABL(Ex-judge),muththamizh arignar senthamizh velvi sathurar . Thiru sathya vel muruganaar,purasai natarajan,Nadana Kala Rathnam Thiru .Siva shankar Master,Film Director. Thiru SP.Muthuraaman,Dr.Revathy Baba MBBS,DGO….

The whole credits of all the shows by natyalaya is devoted to and blessed by our principal’s guru parampara. She had learnt the art from the age of Eight under the ablest guidence and profoundable support of her Gurus. Kanchi Kamakodi Natyalaya follows the priscribed path of the most adorable,compassionate and gracious gurus and always oblig at the feet of

1.Guru Chavali Sri.Krishna,

2.Guru Natya Tapasvi Sri.Madurai R.Muralidharan,

3.Guru Madura Natyavani Smt.Manimekalai Sharma,

4.Guru Natya Visharada Smt.Usha,

5.Guru Natya Visharada Smt.Kavitha Charles,

We hopefully travel in the path of art with the vision of our gurus and saluted their noble contribution to this invaluable art and wish the same to us to reach the destiny in search of supreme power endlessly……

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