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The life history of Swami Vivekananda was done as naatiya naataka and staged on the auspicious year of Swami Vivekananda’s 150th birthday and surrendered in the feet of Bharath matha.

First programme was done at vellimalai kanyakumari vivekananda ashram and started with the blessing of swami madhuranandha,in front of swami chaithanyananda the ardest diciple of swami madhurananda.

the 51st programme was held at ramakrishna mutt , vivekananda house in vivekananda navarathri in front of swamiji vimorthananda maharaj,swamiji sathyagnanananda maharaj,swamiji aashadoshananda maharaj.



We had done Ramayanam (HINDI VERSION) and krishna leela in swami sivananda ashram,Rishikesh; with the blessings of swamy sivananda and the holy ganga matha.



March 2014,at maharudhra yagnam,at Rishikesh,mayakund,gayathri ashram,we did Ruthra pasupathi nayanmars life history and now recently for navarathri the maha chandi homam was done at the same venue and we did the Devi Mahathmiyam,emphasing the history of the glorious victory of lord durga over the Rakshasha’s namely madu-Kaidaba,Mahisasura,chanda mundan,rakthabeejan,sumba nishumba etc. for the up lift of Deva’s and muniva’s which got a great applause from the rasikas …

These are the volumes of CD’s which we released for the sake of the interested and dedicated dancers.

Volume 1&2 Volume 3&4 - Copy Volume 5&6 - Copy Volume 7&8


we issued four volumes of books too for their reference


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