May month Time table

Hari om

May month dance and music class time table

Dance class Music class
1.5.2015 Friday 10.00am 1.5.2015 Friday 10.00am
2.5.2015 Saturday 4.00pm 2.5.2015 Saturday 4.00pm
3.5.2015 Sunday 4.00pm 3.5.2015 Sunday 4.00pm
4.5.2015 Monday 4.00pm 4.5.2015 Monday 4.00pm
5.5.2015 Tuesday 4.00pm 5.5.2015 Tuesday 4.00pm
6.5.2015 Wednesday 4.00pm 6.5.2015 Wednesday 4.00pm
7.5.2015 Thursday 4.00pm 7.5.2015 Thursday 4.00pm
8.5.2015 Friday 4.00pm 8.5.2015 Friday 4.00pm


If any changes in the time table , it will be intimated later…



  1. 1.   On 1.5.2015 Friday natyalaya conducts salangai pooja @ PARVATHI TEMPLE ayapakam,interested can come and visit the programme.7.00pm
  2. 2.   On 3.5.2015 Sunday natyalaya conducts chitrapournami function for which all the students and parents are requested to come in traditional dress code. Nruthya Mayuri Smt.Ramani Sundarrajan’s disciple Baby.Alagu deepa presents Nrithyopasana. All are requested to bring fresh flowers for pushpaanjali 7.00pm
  1. 3.   Timings of classes for the beginners : 4.00 pm to 6.00pm & classes for level students 6.00pm to 8.00pm
  2. 4.   All the level students were requested to bring notebook and pen.
  3. 5.   For level students the first four classes will be theoretical classes and next four classes will be practical classes.
  4. 6.     For the convenient of parents we had announced the above details, by seeing the timetable you are requested to reserve your tickets for your native place. Our natyalaya wishes you a very happy and safe journey.



Nruthya mayuri Smt.Ramani Sundarrajan









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