august month time table-examination time table

Hari om
August month time table
Dance class Music class
4.8.2015 Tuesday 5.00pm 2.8.2015 Sunday 10.00am
8.8.2015 Saturday 5.00pm 7.8.2015 Friday 5.00pm
11.8.2015 Tuesday 5.00pm 9.8.2015 Sunday 10.00am
18.8.2015 Tuesday 5.00pm 14.8.2015 Friday 5.00pm
22.8.2015 Saturday 5.00pm 16.8.2015 Sunday 10.00am
25.8.2015 Tuesday 5.00pm 21.8.2015 Friday 5.00pm
29.8.2015 Saturday 5.00pm 23.8.2015 Sunday 10.00am
30.8.2015 Sunday 10.00am 28.8.2015 Friday 5.00pm
examination time table for 2015-2016
Music juniors   —-  21.8.2015 Friday by 5.00pm —– ORAL
Dance juniors  —–18.8.2015 Tuesday by 5.00pm—-ORAL
Dance theory exam for level 1,2,3—- 22.8.2015 Saturday by 5.30pm
Dance theory exam for level 4 —-  30.8.2015 sunday 4.00pm (this has been Postponed from 21st to 30th of august due to some inconvenience caused)
Music theory exam —- 30.8.2015 sunday 4.00pm (this has been Postponed from 21st to 30th of august due to some inconvenience caused)
practical examinations
Dance practical for level 1,2,3—- 29.8.2015 Saturday 6.00pm
Dance practical for level 4—–30.8.2015 Sunday 09.00am
Music practical for all levels —– 28.8.2015 Friday 6.00pm
If any changes occur in the time table or examination time table , will be intimated later
Nruthyamayuri Dr.Ramani sundarrajan

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