Ayapakam Time-Table 2012

                                                                     HARI OM

November month Time-Table 2012


             DANCE CLASS              MUSIC CLASS
05.11.12 Monday        04.30p.m 01.11.12 Thursday     04.30p.m
07.11.12 Wednesday  04.30p.m 05.11.12 Monday       04.30p.m
08.11.12 Thursday      04.30p.m 08.11.12 Thursday     04.30p.m
12.11.12 Monday        04.30p.m 12.11.12 Monday       04.30p.m
14.11.12 Wednesday 04.30p.m 14.11.12 Wednesday 04.30p.m
15.11.12 Thursday      04.30p.m 15.11.12 Thursday      04.30p.m
22.11.12 Thursday      04.30p.m 22.11.12 Thursday      04.30p.m

If any Changes In the Time Table, It Will Be Intimated Later.




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